Drew Pavlou Forced to Hire a Bodyguard

Justifiably concerned about the Chinese Communist Party’s hired muscle targeting him and his family, Drew Pavlou, the brave (but not exactly swole) figurehead of Australia’s newest political party, Democratic Alliance, has been interviewing members for the role of bodyguard. No pay. Much risk. Here he is outside the Chinese Consulate at 79 Adelaide St., Brisbane, with a prospective candidate, bodybuilder Bruno Starrs PhD. Bruno has lived and worked in China and speaks a little Mandarin – enough for him to know that the CCP is a threat to world peace and has perpetrated numerous crimes against humanity under the leadership of dictator Xi Jinping. Asked if he’d take a Chinese bullet for Drew however, Bruno quickly replied: “Hell no! I’m old enough to be Drew’s grandfather but I’m not senile!” He got the job, anyway.


Photos by the super-talented Todd Brown.


PDF Version of the Media Release 12th November 2021

Media Release 12th November 2021- PDF