Imagine the dignified work we can create for our kids if we return to the days where governments contemplated grand nation building projects on the scale of Snowy Hydro.

Imagine the dignified work we can create for our kids if we return to the days where governments contemplated grand nation building projects on the scale of Snowy Hydro. Think about North Italy, famous across the world for their Ferraris, Lamborghinis, symbols of engineering excellence. We should make Australia and Queensland symbols of global engineering excellence. That’s the future for our children. Australian kids can dream of growing up to make the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the future. Our kids will amaze the world. We can hit above our weight economically just like we hit above our weight in sport. 


Importantly, we can tackle environmental degradation while bringing Australian manufacturing back, insulating us from Chinese pressure and their efforts to use economic leverage to bend our democracy to their will. Using the abundant renewable energy sources and rare earth minerals we have been blessed with, we can make Australia a huge economic power, and this can start right in the regions. No Australian will be left behind, no Australian will see their life prospects defined from birth based on their home. We fight inequality and environmental destruction with millions of new green jobs and manufacturing, and we strengthen our nation against Chinese imperialism by both strengthening our economic base and the underlying social contract that has frayed under neoliberalism. 


The profits that will inevitably flow back into Australian coffers as a result of the economic boom in the regions will be used to fight a war on poverty and want at home with Social Reinvestment. We will expand the public health system with investments in pandemic preparedness, mental health, new regional hospitals and universal dental coverage. We will invest in families and strengthen the family unit as the core building block of a decent and humane society with big investment in childcare support and billions in funding for the construction of beautiful, high quality public housing available to all Australians, built with Australian materials produced by the regional Green Manufacturing Zones, which can be connected to the major cities with high-speed rail links. We can be ambitious. We shouldn't be a country that just sells rocks. We should be a country that makes things. 


We can build solar panels and batteries here alongside new electric car manufacturing hubs. Every single mining industry worker can be guaranteed secure, high paying jobs in new industries, whether they be in mining the lithium, nickel, copper, cobalt and ore that the world will soon be screaming for to build their renewable tech, or in the new manufacturing centres to be established in the regions based off the cheap and abundant energy provided by our huge national capacities for solar, hydro and wind. We can have new steel manufacturing hubs. The European Union will soon be introducing credits to favour zero-emissions manufacturing imports. This is the second largest economy on Earth. China wants total submission as the price for trade, so if we care about Australian sovereignty, we need new partners. We don’t want to do a Pig Iron Bob, selling off key materials to a dictatorship fundamentally hostile to our democracy. When Pig Iron Bob sold minerals to Japan, it came back as battleships to threaten us. Let’s not repeat the same mistakes. Let’s wean off dependence on China with new trading opportunities. The alternatives to China are in the US and EU where governments are now pouring incredible amounts of money into renewables. There are €800 billion in EU bonds coming online in the next 5 years, a third of which will be in green bonds. Let’s join forces. Australia can experience a gold rush, especially as investors realize that China’s economy is fundamentally, irreparably broken and that it makes sense to move production of some things closer to where the raw inputs are. We are #1 in the world for iron, nickel, and lead. Let’s refine and manufacture here. Let’s take advantage of the fact that Australia has the best solar, hydro and wind resources on Earth to help power the US and Europe. 


  • Build Solar Here
  • Build Batteries Here
  • Build Electric Vehicles Here
  • Get To Net Zero While Creating Millions of New, Stable, Long Term Jobs
  • Invest in Mining and Refining Rare Earth Minerals
  • Invest in Green Manufacturing and Green Steel
  • Invest in High Speed Rail