Sign our petition calling upon the Australian government to put Australian sovereignty before Chinese blood money - it's time to take back the Port of Darwin and Port of Newcastle before it's too late.

The sale of the Port of Darwin and huge chunks of the Port of Newcastle and Port of Melbourne to Chinese state backed interests at a time when an increasingly aggressive China looks to assert its dominance across the region must surely rate as one of the greatest strategic blunders in Australian history. 

To hand over such critical national security assets to a dictatorship with a million people in concentration camps so obviously makes a mockery of Australian sovereignty that it beggars belief any government would allow it. These rotten deals are more befitting of a corrupt banana republic in decay than a strong, independent nation able to stand on its own two feet. At their core they reflect a deeply unequal relationship with Beijing. 

China's political leadership would laugh us out of the room and probably slap extra tariffs on our barley if we ever tried leasing one of their critical strategic ports through an Australian state owned corporation. So why do we abandon all notion of reciprocity in our relationship with China and let their dictatorship just walk all over us with the Port of Darwin and Port of Newcastle deals?

Enough is enough. We call on the Australian government to stand up for our country and stand up for the national interest by ensuring Australian ports are kept in Australian hands. Future generations will judge us - we need to take back the Port of Darwin and Port of Newcastle while we still have the chance.


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